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CoasterStone products

Hindostone products include absorbent CoasterStone coaster sets, wine trivets, plant trivets, and other types of coasters. They are a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, House Warmings, Weddings or any other occasion where you need something for the person that seems to have everything.

With many different sets to choose from, designed by artists that range from Al Agnew to Frank Lloyd Wright you're sure to find something to please most anyone.

CoasterStones really work because they are made of super-absorbent sandstone. Instead of moisture collecting in the coaster, or running off, it is absorbed into the coaster. They are backed with furniture-protecting cork. When not in use just place the coasters into an optional stand to dry out. Round coasters are 4.25 in. in diameter and the square coasters are 4.25 in. across.

Etched CoasterStone coasters
Etched CoasterStone coasters actually have the pattern etched into the surface of the coaster.

Natural stone CoasterStone coasters
CoasterStone coasters are patterned after natural stones but are still made of absorbent sandstone.

Fabrications CoasterStone coasters
Fabrications has something for everyone with assortments including Retro, Finery, Humor and patterns. Set the table with a touch of whimsy, serve a cocktail with a shot of humor; display a favorite piece of heirloom lace without worry.

HeartStone CoasterStone coasters
A heart-felt greeting that's written in stone, a HeartStone is a clever gift with an unforgettable message--perfect for any card or gift-giving occasion. It's made from the same absorbent sandstone material as the original CoasterStone.

CoasterStone plant trivets
Your beautiful houseplants and floral arrangements can now be the centerpiece with no worry about the table's finish. CoasterStone's Plant Trivet provides a decorative and absorbent trivet with cork on the bottom for your plants to reside on.

CoasterStone wine trivets
Your wine bottles now have the perfect place to rest. Yet again we've combined art and function to bring you the Wine Trivet. This decorative and absorbent sandstone trivet is corked backed and provides protection for your tabletop so you don't have to worry.

CoasterStone trivet frames
CoasterStone's new trivet frame converts any CoasterStone trivet into sophisticated table décor. Trivets can be easily interchanged and frames come with rubber feet to protect furniture.

CoasterStone boxes
CoasterStone offers the coaster box, a storage solution for coasters or other items. Each box has a corresponding lid and a small hole in the bottom allowing easy removal of coasters.

Already have a set of CoasterStones and need a stand? Check out our selection of coaster set stands.

If you would like a set of four, all of the same coaster, just order the assortment and clearly state that you want all four of a particular design in the comments section on the checkout page.

River's Edge coasters
These non-absorbant coasters take on a unique style all their own with a look and feel of natural beauty. Each stone gets its unique properties of texture, color, and hardness as result of thousands of years of natural forces in the Earth's crust.

Kissin' Cousins products

Hindostone also offers handbags, totes and luggage tags in their new line, Kissin' Cousins.

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